Come in! Open the doors. Step out from under the weight of all those shoulds in your life. Read. Relax. Be. Stay a while.

We started this blog in hopes of helping your family find more peace, more fun, and more friendship. Most of the contributors are peaceful parents, but we invite contributions from people of any age who are being or have been raised with the principles you'll find here. You will also see the occasional post from people who need to talk about what being raised without these principles meant in their lives.

Most of us are unschoolers (it means we do a particular kind of homeschooling), and a lot of unschooling philosophy appears in our posts. There's a reason for that: no other lifestyle offers our children, our families, and ourselves such a solid foundation for living a life of fun, creativity, partnership, productivity, and peace.

The ideas expressed in this blog are tried and true. We live this way and it works.

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author profiles

Frank Maier Frank is settling into retirement after a career in the software industry and, more recently, having been the stay-at-home dad of two now-grown unschooled daughters for several years. He can be found blogging in his inimitable style at singularity.

Jeff Sabo Father to three, husband to one, Human Resources leader to many, and friend to many more, Jeff makes his home in beautiful San Diego. He has more dreams, interests, and passions than he can manage, but that's just part of the fun. Jeff has been blogging on and off for years at Justabaldman.

Laura Parrish Laura is mom to two unschooled sons, 19 and 20, and an unschooled daughter and (really cool homeschooled) son-in-law. She has a two-year-old grandson and another grandchild on the way. Laura ate the cake, outgrew her blog and broke it, so she prattles on here and on Facebook. "It SAID, 'Eat Me.'"

Ren Allen Ren is a makeup-artist-hard-working-bee-loving-gardening-metal-rocking mum who lives with six other humans and three neurotic cats. She has several blogs. View the list.

Ronnie Maier Ronnie is a recovering control freak, a writer, a program manager in the software industry, and most importantly mom to two amazing daughters, MJ ('92) and Chloe ('94) who started unschooling in 4th and 3rd grades, respectively, and who are now both in college. Visit her personal blog, Blog of the Zombie Princess.

Shannon Loucks Shannon is mom to two always unschooled boys and married to a dream chaser. She is forever grateful for this path that has shown her how to put her relationship with her children above all else. Read more from Shannon at Breaking Daylight.

Sue Patterson  Sue has been active in the homeschool community for a decade and a half. Now that her three grown unschoolers have flown the coop, she is blogging about her life and her "Motherhood in Transition" at Lifelong Learning. She runs the Unschooling Blog & Pinterest Carnivals and is a columnist for the new national publication, The Homeschooler.